"Not only a beautiful book but one of the most important books I have ever read. After weeks of incorrect latching and terrible pain I finally picked this book up and my husband read it to me page by page as I learned the correct (and pain-free!) way to feed my baby (yay for being Daddy friendly!!). It literally changed my life." –Heather Novak

Breastfeeding with Comfort and Joy was created to focus on a single mission–producing a breastfeeding book filled with beautiful, clear and instructional images/video accompanied by concise, easy to follow, educational text for Mom and those helping her.

Over 170 full page photographs and 9 selected videos.

Download available now for only $14.99.

The content is a straightforward and thorough discussion of babies' feeding needs and behaviors; and how moms can encourage and respond in ways that are helpful and prevent the majority of breastfeeding problems.

When moms focus on the visual "how-to" they gain confidence seeing how breastfeeding works; and get comfortable with their unique baby, avoiding most breastfeeding problems. 

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"When I got home, the book [Breastfeeding with Comfort and Joy] helped a lot, the pictures in it showing positioning, showing different mothers feeding, techniques and tips ... When I got it, I was actually surprised; it was like WOW, there are women that are actually so proud that they are going to put it [breastfeeding] out there for us [to see], so that WE know that it's okay and that you should be proud of what you're doing." –Kisswana Brown speaking (pictured above)

Are you concerned that breastfeeding will hurt?

Are you feeling breast pain or nipple soreness now?

Would you like to share a visual resource that inspires and helps new mothers learn how to breastfeed comfortably and without pain–giving their babies the best opportunity to have satisfying, calorie-rich feeds?

It is best not to wait. See the simple adjustments now that stop pain and help babies feed more efficiently and comfortably.  

In this practical and beautiful book, Breastfeeding with Comfort and Joy, Laura Keegan photographed and videotaped mothers and babies and their families who were passionate about helping other women learn how to breastfeed comfortably and without pain.

You will also find invaluable image and video contributions from all over the world, including inspirational stories; and museum art and photographs.

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Download available now for only $14.99.

Breastfeeding comfortably and without pain is the norm when women hold their babies in positions that work for breastfeeding. The alignments and small adjustments a breastfeeding woman makes with her baby, to gently assist him to feed well at her breast, are second nature in communities where girls grow up seeing women breastfeed their babies.

Breastfeeding with Comfort and Joy's over 170 full-page photographs and 9 selected videos help mothers visualize these key ways to breastfeed comfortably.

"Laura demonstrates in her photographs that maternal positioning for breastfeeding is entirely different to that of bottlefeeding..." –Jenny Smith, midwife; Dr. Felicity Plaat, anaesthetist; and Prof. Nicholas M Fisk, Obstetrician

Breastfeeding with bottle-feeding behaviors causes sore nipples and pain for Mom, fussy and colicky babies, lower milk production, blocked milk ducts, mastitis and other problems. 

Avoid the majority of breastfeeding problems and get comfortable.

Learn to breastfeed by seeing the unhidden details of breastfeeding actions that work well for breastfeeding and by becoming aware of established, yet subtle, bottle-feeding positioning and behaviors that work for bottle-feeding but don't work well for breastfeeding and can cause pain and other problems.

"Laura Keegan's photographs are stunning in their beauty, detail, and ability to capture the essence of proper positioning and latch." –Rixa Freeze, PhD


"This book is like having an experienced mom sit there with you and show you exactly what a good latch should look like because it's REAL photos ... clear and up close. ... I can honestly say that this book revolutionized nursing for us." –Dani Meyer


"I'm pregnant and afraid of the pain of breastfeeding."

"I'm pregnant and don't feel confident about being able to breastfeed."

"I want to learn how to breastfeed my baby but I don't want to read about it."

"Breastfeeding hurts. My nipples are sore."

"They say, 'Stick it out. The pain will lessen.' But it doesn't make sense that something natural hurts so much."

"They say, 'Pain is not normal. Get help.'"

"I have excellent help and it doesn't hurt when they are helping me. But I still can't seem to get comfortable and breastfeed without pain when my help isn't at my side."

Do you know a new or pregnant mom who intends to breastfeed?

Are you helping a breastfeeding mom and would like to share clear and beautiful breastfeeding images and video with her?

Sore nipples, breast pain, blocked milk ducts and mastitis, babies fussy at the breast, babies not taking the breast, sleepy babies, frequent feeds, babies not being satisfied, colic, low milk production, and milk not coming in are common in bottle-feeding cultures; but not so in societies where breastfeeding is the norm and girls grow up seeing the nuances of bringing a baby to mom's breast to feed.  


Buy and gift Breastfeeding with Comfort and Joy (now for only $14.99 on the iBookstore, Amazon, or Kobo, links below). 

See breastfeeding behaviors through real images of real moms wanting to show you how, and recognize the very subtle bottle-feeding behaviors that cause problems when you bring your baby to your breast to feed.

"Magnificent ... like having a wise and loving grandmother show you exactly how to nurse your baby." –Christiane Northrup, MD 

"So so beautiful, I wish I had read Breastfeeding with Comfort and Joy before I had my baby." –Alysia Reiner of Orange is the New Black